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Valentines Day Idea and Valentine Day Dinner Menu Tips & Tricks 2019

This year Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday and what better way to spend a family day than with the ones you love most. These are some "heartfelt" fun easy ideas as well as a Valentine day dinner menu that the whole family can enjoy.

One Valentine's idea is to craft your own Valentine Day card and then collect cards you receive and place them in a box that you create yourself. Make and share your card with your friends and family. Valentines Day idea is easy, does not require many materials and the whole family can participate in this activity. 

Valentines Day Idea and Valentine Day Dinner Menu

Valentines Day Idea and Valentine Day Dinner Menu

To make your own card, just pick up the following materials:
  • Red, white and pink construction paper 
  • Glitter coloured pens such as red, pink, purple, silver and gold
  • Glitter glue and scissors
Then, just sit with your kids and get creative. You will be amazed as to the kids' creativity associated with this Valentine's idea.

Need a place to collect your Valentine Day card? Just create your own special box. The materials needed for this Valentines Day ideas are as follows: 
  • Red, white and pink construction paper 
  • Glitter coloured pens such as red, pink, purple, silver and gold 
  • Regular glue and scissors 
  • Shoebox or cereal box·          
Take the larger portion of a shoe box or cut the top off of a cereal box. Then, wrap the box with the construction paper and any other design you choose made with the construction paper, glitter pens and glue. All of these materials can be picked up at a local drug store, market or craft store.

Another Valentines Day idea is to create a 3D Heart with tissue paper. For this Valentine's idea pick up the following materials:
  • Red, pink and white tissue paper cut into 1" squares
  • White construction paper 
  • Regular glue and scissors 
Simply cut the white construction paper into a heart. Then take the one (1") square tissues and twist them around your finger. Dab a dot of glue on the construction paper heart and then stick the twisted tissue paper down on the heart. Mix up the colours or start with a white centre, then work towards the outer edge with pink then red. You can even make 3D hearts on the cover of your card! 

Valentine Day Dinner Menu

While the kids are crafting, create a comfort "hearty" Valentine Day dinner that the whole family will enjoy. Of course, include various shades of red food! 

Valentine Day Dinner Menu

  • Tomato Soup with Cheddar Cheese Crisps
  • Beet and Goat Cheese Salad
  • Beer Can Chicken with Apple Cranberry Stuffing
  • Peas and Carrots
  • Red Velvet and Strawberry Cupcakes 
I hope you found Valentine's idea for creating a card box and cards helpful. Creating a Valentine Day Card is a craft the whole family can enjoy as well as sitting with your family at a Valentine Day dinner.

To learn more cost-saving and helpful party planning tips, recipes, including the cheddar cheese crisps and beer can chicken, along with other menu ideas and party d├ęcor tips.

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Halloween Costumes Ideas for Boy, Girls, Man and Woman 2018 l Halloween Costumes, Party Themes

Halloween costumes 2018 are what make Easy Halloween costumes a particular frightening night of horror and fun. Any kid will wake up the next morning after Halloween horror night and the first thing that will be on their mind, where is my Halloween toffee? And what kind of Halloween costume do I want to keep next year? The ability to wear a Halloween mask and transform yourself into something or someone else is the thrill of dressing up on Halloween night. Changing yourself into a scarecrow, monster, vampire, or some other new Halloween costume ideas this is the most exciting part of Horror Halloween night that you can enjoy and the mainly outrageous type of Halloween costume is well again.
halloween costume ideas

Where did Halloween masks and Halloween costumes start?
The wearing of Haloween masks and costumes started a long back ago. The Celts supposed Halloween night brought out the feelings of the dead that would roam free among the living on the soil. Some mood was fun and good and jokey and then on the darker side, there would be some aggrieved and antagonistic ghosts that did not enjoy seeing the living enjoying the reward of living in the land that once belonged to them that have already past to the next world. The Celtics would be dressed in masks and disguise to hide from these unsafe spirits by the image their faces with soot from which later evolved into the more discernible Halloween stores near me masks and costumes ideas of today's Happy Halloween costumes. Not lengthy after it also became custom that by imitating the spirits by dressing as skeletons or ghosts they would blend themselves in and not be seen by the bad spirit Halloween.
halloween costume ideas

Halloween costume ideas and tips that can help
Nowadays and age there are hundreds of Halloween costumes to select from there is a werewolf, vampire, Halloween witch, Halloween games nurse or a mask and costume from the latest horror Halloween movie that is playing. keep in mind the simplest form of all you need is a hockey mask and a knife or a scream mask to bring out the cool in anyone around. Keep in mind how Michael Myers would make you wake up in the centre of the night with a sweat from the Halloween movie. Depending on who you want to be for Halloween might almost certainly depend on two things initially what character is your favourite and that you would like to portray and deciding how much are you eager to spend on your Halloween costume. If you investigate Halloween masks and costumes you will find simple reasonably priced discount Halloween costumes, funny Halloween costumes or some very highly detailed costumes that you could spend hundreds of Dollars on. If you'd like to have it in the financial plan remember you can easily transform a usual discount Halloween costume with a little bit of Halloween makeup on your face with maybe some Halloween contact lenses to give that creepy look. If you're a creative person you can easily transform yourself with resources that are around your house which wouldn't take a lot of time and effort and cost you a lot less Dollar. All you would need is a good Halloween costume idea some great effects can be caused with the everyday items are around you and some imaginative application of some Halloween makeup.
halloween costume ideas

Advantages of using Halloween makeup for your Halloween costume
Depending on what you are trying to achievement Halloween makeup may allow you to transform yourself into another Halloween character well again than purchasing a Halloween mask. By using makeup it can be less expensive and a lot safer for kids when Halloween trick-or-treating and not impairing their dream with a Halloween mask, also with the diversity of Halloween makeup that is available you can create some fantastic Halloween effects. You can try Halloween makeup tips with some dramatic grease paint kits that have great colours that are very easily applied and can be removed at the end of the night harass free. By using regular everyday makeup like eyeliner pencils, blush, lip liners, and eyeshadows you can keep the cost down on your Halloween costume. If you are like some people and the last minute to make a decision on your Halloween costume and still don't know what you want to be for the Halloween evening here is a great tip, You can use some water-based paint with some cheap makeup application tools and some creative Halloween makeup ideas you will be able to paint your face that would be able to stand alone as a last-minute Halloween mask. You could paint your face green and goes the hard to believe Hulk or maybe a Green sprite Halloween makeup idea that would work well even wearing your regular clothes.
halloween costume ideas

Trick or Treat ideas for Halloween masks
Makeup does not hold the magical power that a Halloween mask can. They have the ability that will convert you into another place and time whether you want to be a superhero or heroine. By starting with a Halloween costume idea you can be someone or everything that you wish for one night of the year. From the starting of time, humans wore masks either to worship gods or spirits of the earth. With today's skill of the Internet, you can find and see the range of Halloween masks and that are available for your Halloween ideas from the Halloween witch and vampire to the talent to transfer yourself into a Halloween twon ballerina. If you want to try something very sole here is a trick for a Halloween masquerade mask that would be magnificent, take a everyday simple mask a hot glue gun and beautiful things that you may get in nature like leaves or ferns, flower petals or maybe searching some beads that you would be able to put on it would make a magnificent mask.

Another usual item for this type a mask would be using bird feathers and creating a beak that would create a haunting bird mask. The Celtics would wear bird feathers at their annual Samhain festival and also by the Venetians in Venice Italy, make sure you do some research for your Halloween costume idea so that you can create a Halloween costume that will stand out from everyone else.

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Huge Slime Videos Collection for You..!! Slime Mxing, Slime Smoothies ASMR

If you have a personal computer and spend any time online looking for new and interesting games to play you may have come across the Slime Games. Contrary to what the name suggests, these are not games in which you get to sling slime at other players, but rather the player is the slime.

Mixing All My Slime Mixing l Slimes Smoothie l Satisfying Slime Videos ! #21

The makers of these unique games took the cute little slime Videos characters we have all come to know and love from our favourite adventure and RPG video games and placed them in a competitive setting. These one-time game foes are now the heroes of their own sports genre of games.

In slime volleyball you choose a How to Make slime character to be and have the option of playing against a computer-generated slime adversary or a real-life opponent. The tiny slime characters have no arms or legs but still, manage to lob that ball over the net via their round slimeheads. The top portion of the screen keeps track of the score by the colour of the slime. The volleyball game is available as a one, two or three player game.


For those people who want a little more strategy in their game than just lobbing a ball back and forth, there is slime for kids. This game comes in a World Cup version, an elastic band version and a zero gravity moon version.

The making slime Games are also created for more than one player so you and your opponents can create different strategies in trying to score. Need more variety? You could try slime bowling, cricket or hockey. There are even versions of a slime boxing game and water polo. If you think these games sound easy, think again. They require precise timing and expert tips on your keyboard to get these little slimes to perform their best.


In Slime Balancing Pole you have the option of selecting the amount of time you want to try to balance your slimes. Each game comes with levels you can advance to once you successfully complete the one you are on. This makes these games more challenging because you have goals to beat. The best part about playing the various Slime Games is that they are one hundred per cent free on the Internet.

If you have a flash player installed you can select your game and begin playing immediately. There are no downloads or programs to configure or install. These make great diversions from the routine of the everyday workplace or the monotonous pace of college. Next time you need a break, play a lighthearted round or two of one of your favourite games using ingredients to make slime.

Poop Slime ASMR Pressing l Peeves Glitter Slime Video l Giant Kids Corner

satisfying Slime (and its "buddy" Whitewater mould) is a newer problem facing swimming pool owners over the past 10 - 20 years. They are naturally occurring and are caused only by a lack of proper pool maintenance and water chemistry. In fact, even non-pool owners struggle with the pink slime in bathrooms, kitchens, and washrooms. Ever notice that pink ring around the basin? That's pink slime.
Let's define what pink slime is. Pink slime is a naturally occurring bacterium (of the newly formed genus Methylobacterium). Pink Lime is NOT a form of Algae, it is animal, not a vegetable. It is pink- or red-pigmented and forms a heavy, protective slime recipe coating which provides the organism with an unusually high level of protection. Pink slime consumes methanol (a waste gas) and it is oftentimes found WITH White Water Mold. This organism is very resilient and resistant against halogen-based (chlorine or bromine) as well as non-halogen sanitizers or germicides and can remain a contaminant even after treatment.


Although initially found in swimming pools being treated with biguanides (Baquacil, Soft Swim, Polyclear, etc.), it is now seen in any and all swimming pool environments. This is NOT a biguanide problem ONLY nor is it CAUSED by the use of biguanides.

The pink crunchy slime bacterium has an affinity for the matrix that exists on the surface of PVC plastics; it will attach itself to & inside of the matrix, allowing it to re-contaminate long after it appears that it has been seemingly "destroyed" (includes pool toys, floats, ladders, steps, fountains, automatic pool cleaner parts, skimmer baskets, weirs, directional fittings, garden hoses, etc.). Small quantities of pink slime can lead to a re-establishment of the problem. It is caused by improper water & pool maintenance, environmental factors and poor circulation. Pink slime prefers areas that are "dark" (not exposed to direct sunlight) & with "slow moving" water. In another industry, medical technology, this bacterium occurs regularly in laboratory tubing.


Look for pink water slime under ladder treads, behind the skimmer weir, on the undersides skimmer baskets, pool directional returns, underwater pool light niches and light housings. If you find that the pool just isn't holding chlorine, bromine, or even hydrogen peroxide used in biguanide treated pools, look for pink slime.

After regular tracking of homeowners swimming pools affected by pink slime, there are some commonalities:

Many, but not all, affected pools have "smaller (under) sized" cartridge filters. (i.e. using a 75 sq ft filter on a 24 ft Rnd aboveground pool or a 90 sq ft filter on a 15 x 30 inground pool).
Affected pools get 6 hours or less of direct sunlight on the pool surfaces.
Pool owners always leave the solar blanket on AND don't chemically clean the blanket the recommended 2 times per year to remove the accumulated biofilm.
"Shocking" or oxidizing of the pool water is not done with the recommended label instructions. For example, rather than shocking the pool every week or two, that task is neglected because the water "looks fine."


Rainy pool seasons see a dramatic rise in the cases of clear slime recipe.

Customers regularly add fresh water from their tap without letting the hose-water run for a couple of minutes (the elmer's glue slime is already present in the garden hose and is transferred to the pool).

Pools with sand filters are not changing the sand every 2 to 3 years AND not chemically cleaning the filter and 3 times a season (once every 6 to 8 weeks).

Newer observation: Most of the affected seem to use publicly treated drinking water. Pools filled with good water appear to be not as severely affected.

Glitter Slime - Most Satisfying Slime ASMR Video #38! Clay Slime Mixing - Slime ASMR Video

Affected pools are not as fastidiously maintained chemically (water balance, use of borate additives such as BioGuard Optimizer Plus or Proteam Supreme, regular shocking), as clean pools.

Another observation is that many water companies across the country, in partial response to "consumer calls" to "get rid of chlorine in the drinking water" are now using mono-chloramines to treat the water (over the past 15 to 20 years). Mono-chloramines do an essentially good job at treating pathogens in the drinking water, however, some of the non-pathogenic organisms may indeed be getting by. Unfortunately, there is only experiential or anecdotal evidence.

The Slime Ingredients for Slime l The Recipe for Slime l Can You Make Slime

Prevention of "best slime recipe" is preferred over treatment. Follow these steps to help prevent pink slime for kids:
Physically brush & clean ALL Pool surfaces weekly, including ladder steps (especially underneath each step) & rails

Expose ALL pool surfaces to as much sunlight as possible (sunlight & UV are natural oxidizers)
Remove the lid from the skimmer to allow sunlight into the basket for several hours each day ** INGROUND POOLS MUST USE EXTREME CAUTION in doing this in order to avoid a person falling into or otherwise injuring themselves due to an open skimmer.

How to Make Slime without Borax l No Borax No Contact Lens Solution

Regularly add oxidizing chemicals into the skimmer to purge & clean the filtration lines of any bio-film (use extreme caution if doing this. Add chemicals slowly and remove ANY and ALL objects, including slow dissolving chlorine tablets or sticks, to avoid a potential chemical reaction such as an explosion.

When adding make-up water from the garden hose, allow the water to run for 2 to 3 minutes before putting the hose into the pool.

Regularly clean pool toys & floats (use BioGuard Stow Away acting as a mildewcide)
Regularly clean pool solar blanket (use BioGuard Stow Away)
Chemically clean the pool filter every 4 to 6 weeks (use Strip Kwik, Kleen It or Soft Swim® Filter Cleaner). This is a very important step regardless of the filter type; sand, DE or Cartridge.
Add regular Maintenance dosages of "Shock" & Algicide every 1 to 2 weeks as prescribed (3 to 4 weeks in biguanide pools).

#3 Colors Slimy Marble Funny Gooey Huey l Eye Catching Slime, Giant Kids Corner

Use borate products such as BioGuard Optimizer Plus as a preventative measure (borates, when used properly at a rate of 50 - 80 ppm, allow the sanitizer to sanitize rather than sanitize and prevent algae growth).

Run the filter a minimum of 12 hours daily to prevent "dead spots" in the pool.
Remember to clean & rinse the brushes, hoses & vacuums that you use to clean the pool
Leave as much of your pool equipment exposed to the sun (sunlight is a natural oxidizer)
Keep the water balanced at all times. Recheck after heavy usage or rain or large "top-offs" of new water. Water balance refers to Free Available Sanitizer level, pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness.
Treatment of "diy slime" MUST BE QUICK AND TOTAL! DON'T SKIMP!
Clean all pool & affected surfaces as prescribed above.
Physically clean & remove all visible "how do you make slime"
Add an initial dosage of algicide to the pool
"Shock" the pool with a triple or quadruple dose

Dinosaur In My Slimy! Slime Making Games with Giant Kids Corner

Run filter 24 hours daily until water is clear & halogen or peroxide levels are maintained at a "higher" level

Chemically clean the filter. Simple rinsing or backwashing of the filter will not remove the greases, oils & other accumulated contaminant from the filter and filter tank.

Have the pool water professionally tested & analyzed. Look for a pool company that knows what they are talking about and isn't afraid to tell you the truth about the problem.

Slime Glows in The Dark! How to Play with Slime l Giant Kids Corner Video #786

Maintain Optimizer Plus (or other borate product) levels
Maintain good water balance of pH, Total Alkalinity & Calcium Hardness
The longer that you allow the slime mold to remain, the more difficult it will be to cure.
Slime recipe with borax Basketball is a popular, one or two-player online basketball game featuring two Slimes as characters. If you are wondering what water Slime is and never heard of it, Celar Slime Recipe is a half-circle character that can move and sometimes jump and which is featured in many online games - like Slime Basketball for instance but there are others as well: Slime Soccer, elmer's glue slime Volleyball and Slime store Hockey to name a few.


More than 60,000 people are looking to play clear glue slime Basketball online every month. The game is most popular in English speaking countries and while the character originates from Australia, the game is now most popular in Canada with Australia and the United States following closely.
You can play with your friends or you can play along with the computer but naturally, most fun comes when playing with others and many students host slime games Tournaments and even elmer's glue slime recipe Olympics featuring the various elmers slime Games every year!

For playing, you simply select the duration of the game which can be either 1 minute, 2 minutes, 4 minutes or 8 minutes and you are done. The right how to make slime easy character is controlled using the arrow keys on your keyboard while the left slime making games is controlled using the popular WASD combination of keys. For practice, you can with play the computer by selecting the "Practice AI" mode!

Kinetic Sand and Slime Beach l Slime Video l Kinetic Sand Videos l Videos for Kids l Kids Video

Learning the various strategies you can use to win the game can be tricky but luckily, there is a number of YouTube videos that can get you started! Although the game's popularity peaked a couple of years ago, you can still have a lot of fun playing how to make slime at home Basketball alone or with friends so go ahead and have fun playing!

Finding games online may just mean you had a stroke of luck. This would especially be true if you were to find out that the creator of this Java-based video game has still not been disclosed. Thankfully an Australian computer science student did all the work for is. Without Clive Gout, this classic PC video game may have never even been discovered. It's an addicting discovery ready to begin a journey throughout the game vault and steer you towards becoming one of the best players.

Kinetic Sand Slime Play Doh Collections, Learn Colors Slime Play Dough, Frozen Play Doh Stop Motion

Games is a 1 to 2 player video game that involves many sports-themed activities. The video game that has turned into an instant classic due to the simplicity and ease of gameplay was long overdue. Instalments known as Soccer and Volleyball All-Star can have a multi-player game with 3 to as many as four individuals. Look out Super Smash Brothers, elmers slime Games has the same multi-player abilities to create a real video game party! The unknown creator of easy games helped to make this PC game glow off of screens across the globe.

Each type of sport that Slime Games is involved with will sit nicely on the screen. Then, on each side of the screen, each no glue slime recipes will compete to see who the best really is. If you are already a fan of playing Games, maybe you can create a mod. That's right, you can now build your own slime recipe with glue Game and share it across the web! Mr. Snake will be representing the scoreboard so nobody loses track.

Slime Baby Bath l Slime Bath l Learn Colors with Slime l Preschool Activities l Rhymes l Poem

There is a humongous variety of sports-themed games to choose from. The sports with a wacky addition of slime making games include Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, and so many other great titles to choose from. If you're ever sitting at home, bored. Maybe you should invite over a few friends to have a slimeball marathon. That could be the highlight of the night with a side of pizza and good friends.

Online Games can be a very good way to get cool, calm, and collected after a long day. Slime bowling has seemed to become a hit among the many players. Finding free games is actually quite simple. Simply type in how to make slime with elmer's glue Games in your favourite search engine and you'll be sure to be able to locate it. Are you going to become the next best who invented slime Games champ? The only way to do that is to get in there and win it!

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There are many people in the world who are fascinated with the different forms of life underwater and therefore they are quite passionate about bringing some of these lives in their houses with the custom aquarium for the different forms of underwater creatures that they are fascinated with.
Their main concern after some time, in this case, becomes the red slime bacteria or the cyan bacteria that can rapidly grow in unattended fish tanks and that can actually hamper with the lives present in the aquarium or the tank.

Cyanobacteria are a cross between algae or bacteria in characteristics and in fact it is one of the oldest life forms on earth. It is believed that it is one of the earliest life forms to have spouted on earth. It is quite common in saltwater areas and fish tanks or aquariums have this problem a lot because of poor maintenance of the tanks.

Huge Slime Collection l DIY Slime l How to Play with Slime l Slime Art l Poems l Rhymes

The overgrowth of the red slime algae can cut the oxygen supply of the creatures in the tank and can even interfere with the light and temperature of the aquarium and thus can pose a serious threat to the living conditions of the creatures in the aquarium. It is necessary that once this problem is detected, proper steps should be taken to eradicate the problem and these steps should be taken rapidly before the problem escalates into being huge.

It is usually a result of many reasons, such as infrequent changing of the water in the tanks, the maintenance of proper temperature levels. It can also be because of the lights being turned on in the aquarium for too long or too little time. This will also trigger off the growth of the algae.

There are many red slime algae treatments that are available to the people today but they should take these steps one at a time to make sure that they understand the source of the problem and the method of treatment that proved to be the most effective.

Giant Slime l Slime Collection l Videos for Kids l Learn Colors l Poems l Rhymes

The first that they should do is clean the tank and methodically scrub the insides, floor and the accessories in the tank. It is important that the source is obliterated fast. The next step would be to have a salt water mixture handy so that they can frequently change the water at regular intervals.

Only use lights and pumps that are meant to be used for the aquarium and they should be the correct size for the volume of the given aquarium. There are red slime algae suckers available in the market that can actually suck the offensive slime away from the tank.

There are also some chemical treatments available on the market that can help in arresting the growth of the algae. However, you should get it verified from the vet that the chemical should not be harmful to your pet because they would have to live in the tank too.

Sometimes the slime can be hidden under the rocks and stones in the tank and therefore it would be a good idea to clean them at each cleaning session too.

Slime Swimming Pool l How Play with Slime l Slime Videos l Nursery Rhymes

Slime Volleyball is a very popular online game based on the famous half-circle character named the Slime. There is only one Slime game that is more popular than Slime Volleyball and that is Slime Soccer which is only natural as soccer is more popular than volleyball in most countries.

Playing Slime Volleyball is easy but becoming a professional may turn out difficult. The game can be played as 1 player against a skilled computer or as 2 players where you can challenge your family and friends into this addicting game. Basic movements can be achieved using the Arrow Keys on your computer and since you are playing volleyball, you can make the Slime jump using the Space key.

In this article, I want to reveal a few of the strategies you can use to win Slime Volleyball and dominate your partners! The Skim Serve strategy: slightly move forward when serving the ball so that the ball hits you, then hits the wall, then back at you and then over the net at the opponent!

The Reverse Skim Serve strategy: slight move backwards when serving and the ball will slide over the net! The Opa Opa strategy: hit the ball against the wall and then hit the ball again coming off the wall so that it lands in the back of your opponent's field! The strategies you can use do not end here but I invite you to discover them while playing or feel free to check out the tens of videos you can find on YouTube featuring matches and tips!

How To Make Play Doh with Corn Starch and Shaving Foam l Play Dough Videos

Soccer Slime Game is a portion of the collection of the Slime Games. During the year 1999, the first Slime game was being created and a quite simple game which is has a 1 player volleyball game that the unknown creator or inventor was still a secret. Even though the first 2 player game version was given a credit to Quin Pedregon, it was an opener that produced several other sports that were introduced afterwards. Nowadays, the game is widely played by online players with an approximate of 100,000s people playing the game every day. It was believed to have reached its global fame. There are other slime games on the net that can be played online and you may even check their sites on the internet.

To have a better understanding of how we could play this slime game on the net, here is how it goes. On the home page of the site, you may press 6 to hook and eye Super Slimes at the title screen. Then you can press S or K to have the option of selecting what kind of slime game you would like to play. Since you prefer soccer slime, you may choose the soccer option on the selection and pick your desired team. Then you can control your moves if you want to jump the first players (left) may press W while player 2 could press the up arrow key. If you want to turn to the left, player 1 may press A while player 2 could press the left arrow key. If you desire to turn to the right, player 1 could press D on the other hand, player 2 may press the right arrow key. Lastly, if you want to grab, player 1 could press the letter S while the second player may press the down arrow button. Always remember to press B to fasten buffering at a double but removing the flick would make it slow.

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If you're not familiar with pink slime, or lean, finely textured beef (LFTB), here's a brief description. Trimmings from beef are mechanically separated to produce a product that looks somewhat like ground beef and is about 95% lean and 5% fat. This product is treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill pathogens, then frozen in bricks and distributed to retailers who mix it in a 15/85 ratio with ground beef. While it is not approved for sale as beef by itself, when mixed with ground beef it is labelled as 100% beef. It is estimated that as much as 70% of beef sold to consumers contains LFTB.
Craig Letch, director of food safety and quality assurance at Beef Products, Inc., the worlds largest producer of LFTB, says the LFTB starts as fat trimmings from roasts and steaks and is about 50% lean, 50% fat. The trimmings are run through a centrifuge to separate the lean beef from the fat. The resulting product is roughly 95% lean beef and resembles ground beef. Because any contaminants in ground beef are mixed in and not on the surface as they are with steaks, roasts, or other cuts of meat, cooking is not as reliable a method to sanitize the beef. The LFTB is treated with ammonium hydroxide to elevate the PH to kill any bacteria contained in the LFTB. Ammonium hydroxide is a natural product, which, according to Letch, makes no lasting changes to the beef.

The reality is that pink slime contains, in addition to trimmings from steaks and roasts, cartilage, connective tissue, and any other part of the cow that makes it into the centrifuge. This can include digestive and intestinal matter, bone fragments, and organs. Expecting pink slime to contain only remnants from steaks and roasts is idealistic but not at all realistic. According to retired microbiologist Carl Custer, a 35-year veteran of the Food Safety Inspection Service, "We looked at the product [LFTB] and we objected to it because it used connective tissues instead of muscle. It was simply not nutritionally equivalent [to ground beef]. My main objection was that it was not meat."
Ammonium hydroxide, used to sterilize the LFTB, is the result of dissolving ammonia in water. It is found in many industrial products and cleaners such as flooring strippers, brick cleaners, and cement. Symptoms of exposure to ammonium hydroxide are: difficulty breathing; coughing; swelling of the throat; wheezing; severe pain in the throat; severe pain or burning in the nose, eyes, ears, lips, or tongue; loss of vision; blood in the stool; burns of the esophagus and stomach; vomiting, possibly with blood; collapse; low blood pressure; sever change in pH; burns; holes in skin tissue; irritation. The levels of ammonium hydroxide found in our food are arguably very small, but it doesn't seem to be something we should be spraying our food with, does it?

Slime Videos for Kids l Slime for Kids l Slime Collections l DIY Slime

What is pink slime and how is it made? It's a meat filler made from low-grade trimmings and contaminated animal parts. It is simmered on low heat to separate the tissues from fat and sprayed with ammonium hydroxide to kill the germs accumulated from contamination.

Manufacturers are allowed under USDA rules to add up to 15% of the filler in ground beef to be considered safe. And, this is another situation where no labelling requirements are required to tell consumers what is in the products because it is considered a manufacturing process. Consumers who purchase ground beef, other than 'organic' or 'grass fed' clearly labelled 'no ammonia added', where it is not allowed, are probably consuming pink slime without knowing it.

The critics argue that ammonia hydroxide has a role in pink slime the same as the role in cheese, baked goods, and some chocolate. It has been shown ammonium hydroxide acts as a leavening agent in baked goods, acidity in cheese, and some chocolate products. When it is heated, the ammonia gas is released and does not stay in the food. Which brings the question of safety in the filler where ammonium hydroxide is added after the heating process. It is made up of nitrogen and hydrogen from natural sources.

According to chemical fact sheets, ammonium hydroxide is made by diluting anhydrous ammonia, a colourless, corrosive, and highly irritating gas, in water. The anhydrous ammonia is produced by a process of mixing nitrogen and hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst or as a by-product of petroleum refining processes. Diluting it in water may make it a safer alternative, but it still contains health hazards. Respiratory problems can still come from low concentrations.

The only way to avoid pink slime beef is to look for meat labelled as 'grass-fed beef' that is clearly labelled 'no ammonia added'. Even though some other products may not contain this filler, there is no way to adequately know without the proper labelling. It is considered a manufacturing process that does not require the proper labelling for consumers to know its presence, therefore the transparency in labelling is not required.

Even with critics arguing the safety of pink slime, is it appropriate to use contaminated parts of animals in the food supply system where diseased animals are not allowed to be used? What's the difference? Is one contamination different than another? Is not contamination still contamination regardless of the source? What do you think?

Rebecca is passionate about spreading education on how toxins are added to manufacturing processes and what research says about them. In efforts to reduce toxins in our own environment, it is imperative to educate oneself about how to avoid bringing toxins home from the grocery store by way of products.